Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Is Not Child Abuse - New Jersey Hunter Showing Off His New .22

This morning a new chapter in the liberal war on guns and gun owners unfolded in New Jersey.  According to Todd Starnes at Fox News, New Jersey Police and Child and Protective Services were called concerning a photograph posted to facebook by Shawn Moore, a a certified firearms instructor for the National Rifle Association, an NRA range safety officer and a New Jersey hunter education instructor.  The photograph in question showed a picture of Moore's son, holding a new .22 caliber rifle and wearing camouflage clothing.  Mr. Moore's son has recently passed the state's Hunter's Safety Course and has a hunting license.

Mr. Moore wasn't at home at the time, but received a frantic call from his wife, telling him that the police and CPS were there, demanding access and to "inventory" Mr. Moore's firearms.  Mr. Moore called his attorney and rushed home.  There he discovered that the police did NOT have a warrent and along with CPS merely were investigating the complaint of child abuse.  (Read the Full Article HERE)

How appalling first of all that some liberal minded moron called this in to Child Protective Services in the first place, but how even more atrocious is the fact that they ACTED upon it in this manner?  From previous experience with CPS as a former reserve police officer, I have found them hesitant to act even in what seemed like OBVIOUS cases of abuse to me - such as striking a child on the face hard enough to leave bruises.  To have them act in a case such as THIS, where there is NO ABUSE evident, strikes me as ideological, rather than legal.  I hope Mr. Moore sues the crap out of the State of New Jersey and I expect Chris Christie to offer a personal apology to Mr. Moore, as well as review current procedures for legitimizing complaints to CPS. 


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